Reasons to HODL

Huge Update

  • There will be NO PUBLIC SALE except for IDOs on Poolz, YellowRoad and A2DAO
  • 400'000 1MIL tokens arranged for public round will be transferred to Farming
  • So the initial market cap reduced from $1'000'000 to only $600'000!
  • ERC-20: 0xa4eF4b0B23C1fc81d3f9ecF93510e64f58A4A016 (contract)
  • BSC: 0xa4eF4b0B23C1fc81d3f9ecF93510e64f58A4A016 (contract)

Reasons to HODL for Partners

  • Partner has an allocation in a strategic zone, like somewhere here
  • On the TGE he will get 10% of unlocked 1MIL tokens
  • Right after the platform launch (3 weeks from now) users will be able to swap their erc20 1MIL tokens to erc721 NFT tokens and paint them once. (erc20 tokens will be burned on this operation).
  • We remember that our partner has an allocation in the strategic zone, so he has a prior right to paint his LOGO


  • He can Buy more 1MIL tokens from Uniswap or PancakeSwap and paint 100% of his strategic zone
  • Or he can decide not to buy more tokens from the market and lose his prior right to paint 100% of his place in the Strategic zone.

Reasons to HODL for Community

  • As you can see above, partners need 1MIL tokens to paint their Logos in strategic and private zones.
  • And the only place to get them — Uniswap and Pancake swap, where 1MIL will be listed after the IDOs
  • Sure you can sell them with the initial price
  • It will farm you 1MIL tokens for 6 years. 100% APY for 6 years



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1 Million NFTs

1 Million NFTs


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