Important notice

Key points

  • There will be NO PUBLIC SALE except for IDOs on Poolz, YellowRoad and A2DAO
  • 400'000 1MLN tokens arranged for public round will be transferred to Farming
  • So the initial market cap reduced from $1'000'000 to only $600'000!

In details

1MIL Contracts

  • ERC-20: 0xa4eF4b0B23C1fc81d3f9ecF93510e64f58A4A016 (contract)
  • BSC: 0xa4eF4b0B23C1fc81d3f9ecF93510e64f58A4A016 (contract)



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1 Million NFTs

1 Million NFTs


What if you can become owners of the internet instead of just its users?