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1 Million NFTs
2 min readApr 23, 2021

We know, that you all are waiting for the Triple IDO, which will take place at Poolz, YellowRoad and A2DAO on April 24th. And we’ve got amazing news for 1MillionNFTs Community!

Key points

  • There will be NO PUBLIC SALE except for IDOs on Poolz, YellowRoad and A2DAO
  • 400'000 1MLN tokens arranged for public round will be transferred to Farming
  • So the initial market cap reduced from $1'000'000 to only $600'000!

In details

Due to the market conditions our team decided to make IDOs on Poolz, YellowRoad and A2DAO the Last public round available. So after that you’ll be able to get 1MLN tokens ONLY on Uniswap and PancakeSwap!

400'000 tokens which were previously arranged for Public Sale will be transferred to Farming for 6+ years. Which means that only 120'000 tokens will be available at the start. So the initial market cap will be reduced from $1'000'000 to ONLY $600'000.

1MIL Contracts

So if you were not whitelisted to any of three IDOs, the only way to grab your 1MIL tokens — get them on Uniswap or PancakeSwap. And here are the correct contracts for you, so please USE ONLY THESE ADDRESSES:

  • ERC-20: 0xa4eF4b0B23C1fc81d3f9ecF93510e64f58A4A016 (contract)
  • BSC: 0xa4eF4b0B23C1fc81d3f9ecF93510e64f58A4A016 (contract)

Welcome to STAKE OUT your PLACE in NFT History!

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1 Million NFTs

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