How to transfer tokens from Ethereum to Aurora [simple Rainbow Bridge guide]

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3 min readNov 5, 2021


Hello, beloved 1Millers🖤!

Today, we would like to tell you about another handy way to bridge a 1MIL token from the Ethereum network to Aurora. So many of you have been wondering about this since the launch of our board on the NEAR chain.

This quick guide will help you comfortably transfer your token to Aurora. After that, you will be able to work on our NEAR board with ease.

#01 Starting a new swap

First, you need to go to this link and select the original chain and the desired one for the transfer. So we need to choose Ethereum and Aurora.

#02 Connect your Wallet

Next, you need to connect your Metamask wallet: Log in to Metamask by clicking on the icon in the Google Chrome extensions.

#03 Choose a token to swap

The next step is to choose a token to transfer. Everything here is as simple as possible, select 1MIL and enter the amount. :)

#04 Confirm the transfer

Next, RainbowBridge is requesting access to the 1MIL token. Please, allow it to initiate the transfer process.

#05 Confirm it in Metamask

This is how a successfully confirmed transaction looks like. At this point, MetaMask will request permission for the transaction called “Approve 1MIL spend limit”.

Approve it and wait for a while.

#06 Confirmation

This is how the token transfer confirmation screen looks like. At this point MetaMask will ask for permission to make the transfer, grant it.

#07 Transfer procedure initiated

Then the transfer procedure starts, and you need to wait a little while until it is completed. Feel free to click on “Go to my transfers” button and check the operation status.

#08 Waiting for your transfer

The stage, while the transfer is not yet complete, but already in progress, looks like this.

#09 Transfer successfully completed

In the very near future, the system successfully transfers, and you can continue your work already in the Aurora chain. It took us about 10 minutes while we were preparing the instructions and making the payment.

We hope this guide was helpful enough for you. Create your digital creativity and invest in NFT with 1MillionNFTs — Stake Your Place in the NFT-history!

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