NEAR is HERE! The time for the long-awaited launch on NEAR has come

1 Million NFTs
3 min readOct 27, 2021

Hello, beloved community🎉!

We went through several weeks of active testing, and we are finally ready to tell you about the successful launch of 1MillionNFTs on the NEAR Protocol!

You will get access to a new board that you can interact with: purchase any free pixels, mint and edit NFTs, and add metadata.

You can find the NEAR-board here:

That is, you get access to the full functionality of the platform and the NEAR Protocol network.

Why is this valuable?

First of all, because the project is now even more accessible to our community, regardless of its preferences.

Since this is a new grid, you will be able to buy any zone, even the most in-demand one (in the center).

Reliability and sustainability

We have been choosing the most stable and comfortable option to work in this channel for our community, and after testing various possibilities, we chose Aurora.

Aurora is an EVM developed on the NEAR Protocol that provides a complete solution for developers’ applications to run on an Ethereum-compatible, high-performance, scalable and secure platform, with low transaction costs for users.

This solution has many advantages that make user interaction in the NEAR Protocol as comfortable as possible.

As a result, you get maximum security and the lowest commissions.

How to work with NEAR Protocol

Near Protocol is a smart contract blockchain that aims to be the next-generation platform for DApps with a unique scalability solution.

For comfortable work within NEAR Protocol, we connected the ability to bridge the token through Rainbow Bridge. It opens the gates for assets to flow freely between NEAR Protocol and Ethereum blockchains while enabling users to bridge any ERC-20 token they wish.

How it actually works

First, you should transfer tokens from the Ethereum network here.

Btw, our liquidity pool is here, you can check it out via this link: There you can also swap the 1MIL token in the most comfortable way without even transferring it from Ethereum.

And finally, we need to make one more transfer here to bring the tokens to Aurora.

So, again, it’s simple enough. But anyway, the team will prepare a comfortable NEAR Protocol manual for you in the near future [NEAR manual is near 😅].

You can get started with the NEAR board now, and buy out the best spots on this network. There are still plenty of areas vacant... So the main thing is not to miss your chance.

Don’t hesitate to stake your place in NFT history!

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1 Million NFTs

What if you can become owners of the internet instead of just its users?