Fast and explosive growth of 1MillionNFTs [Summary and plans]

1 Million NFTs
4 min readOct 25, 2021

Hello, beloved community! Six months ago we wrote our first post on our Medium, and a month and a half ago we successfully launched. Everything is happening so fast, and the project is transforming every day.

Today we want to summarize a little bit and tell you what awaits the project next.

On September 3, we launched a board on the Ethereum chain. It was the first big launch of the project, and we were full of enthusiasm. We prepared a handy instruction for our audience, and the areas began to actively buy up.

In the process of user interaction, we received some feedback, and that’s how we realized that at this stage the project is not accessible to everyone in our community.

First, we did some quality bug fixing and achieved maximum user comfort. We also reduced gas fees. But very quickly we realized that many artists, investors, and enthusiasts are stopped by the fact that the board runs specifically in Ethereum. So we did a little research and chose the chains that are most in-demand among our target audience.

We are still in the process of testing and some of the chains are just starting up. For example, we recently launched first BSC and then Polygon.

For our users’ convenience, we have launched Allbridge integration, so you can conveniently transfer tokens between Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, and Solana chains.

Btw, detailed instruction on how to use Allbridge is available at this link.

Next, we integrated QuickSwap and prepared a handy user guide for our audience.

Now you can conveniently swipe a token on Uniswap, Pancake, Quickswap.

Where does it all go?

We aim to make the project accessible to everyone who wants to stake their place in NFT-history. Everyone chooses what they prefer. You have absolute freedom of choice, and we try to give you the most possibilities. The value of the project will only grow because of the limited number of 1MIL tokens.

Among the important steps is the possibility to sell and rent NFTs of the project inside our own marketplace. In the future, you will be able to choose not only free but also occupied zones. By making an offer to the owner of the NFT you will be able to take a more profitable position on the pixel grid.

Of course, you can sell NFTs on any marketplace, but we will create the most comfortable ecosystem for you to interact with.

We are also working on our own Launchpad. Every NFTs owner will be able to get into the public marketplace. No complicated requirements. More NFTs, more chances.

You’ve probably noticed that the project has started to work in different chains, and it’s possible that we’ll make more boards in the future. We’re already working on some of them now, so… Wait for announcements.

Anyway, the rule for burning tokens is the same on every network. No exceptions.

We are working on adding new types of wallets. Such as Wallet Connect and Fortmatic.

Soon, the capabilities of the project will be expanded as much as possible.

Filling out the project boards on each of the chains will not only make the project artistically valuable but will also increase the value of the NFT to everyone involved. Regardless of where you mint your NFT, you are now one of the first owners. You are making history.

So don’t miss your chance to become part of our project now, while the entry threshold remains available.

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1 Million NFTs

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