How-To: Step-by-step instruction on working with 1MillionNFTs

1 Million NFTs
5 min readSep 3, 2021

Hey, 1Millersđź’« !

Today, we have prepared for you simple step-by-step instructions on how to use our platform.

  1. This is the first screen you see when you enter the platform. It’s our pixel grid: you can scroll through it and take a closer look at it.

2. The first thing you need to do is connect Metamask to your system. Select a wallet in the Metamask popup and click Next.

3. Now you see your wallet on the top right. It also displays your current balance with the number of available 1MIL. Here you can also see the editor and the marketplace. You need to go to the marketplace to take the next step.

4. The marketplace displays 5 main areas to buy, and you can zoom in on them. The cost depends directly on the specific area: closer to the center — the price is higher.

5. Zoom in to the area you are interested in and highlight those pixels you’d like to purchase.

6. When an area is allocated, you have two options: reservation and purchase. By clicking on the reservation, you will have 30 minutes to complete the transaction comfortably.

7. Then you need to click on Sign and sign the Request.

8. After that, your pixels are successfully reserved and you can move on to the purchase process.

9. Now you need to confirm the 1MIL payment via Metamask. To do this, just click on Confirm, and be sure not to leave or refresh the page until the transaction is complete. There is a chance that the first time you will have two operations — Approve and Confirm.

10. In addition to 1MIL, you need gas for the transaction, and so you will also need to confirm another transaction (we pay Ethereum for gas).

11. Each time a preloader appears during the purchase process, be sure to stay on the page. Do not refresh the website to complete the transaction successfully.

12. When you see the confirmation window, it means that your purchase has been successfully completed.

13. To enter the Editor and check out all of your purchased zones, click on the Show my NFTs button.

14. You can now find the areas you have purchased on the grid. When you click on them, you can see the number of NFTs and edit a particular area.

15. To start editing, click Edit my NFTs.

16. In the edit window, you can upload a picture, title, description, and select a URL.

17. The picture gets pixelated automatically, and you can see how it will look after loading in the left-hand menu. A full Preview is also generated for your convenience. The left side also captures the cost of making these changes. Once all the fields are filled in the way you want, click on Confirm.

18. Next, you need to confirm the transaction. Do not reload the window or leave the page until the transaction is complete.

19. After the changes have been successfully made, you will see a confirmation message.

20. Your image has now been successfully added to the grid with the data you specified in the edit panel.

21. To check the result, click on the picture on the grid.

Learn more about the main features of the system on our updated website:

As a reminder, you’ll soon be able to sell or rent your spots on the board as well.

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