1MIL Claim Instruction + BSC staking

Hey guys! Sorry for the delay, we’ve created a contract which will work during all the vesting period. So add this post to your bookmarks and claim your 1MIL tokens every month!

Read this article till the end to get hot news on 1MIL tokens, and here are the instructions of how you can withdraw your monthly 5% unlocked 1MIL tokens to your ERC-20 address!

How to claim tokens?

In order to withdraw 1MIL tokens, you need to use this smart contract address on etherscan:


  • Click “connect to Web 3” and connect your Metamask wallet.
  • Click “Withdraw” then “Write”
  • Set up the gas fee on Metamask as low/normal or high, this will affect on the withdrawal time (confirmation of your transaction by the network)
  • Hit the “approve” button.

That’s it!

1MIL tokens will be accrued on your wallet after the confirmation of your transaction by the network.

Note: To withdraw you will need ETH in the wallet that is due the tokens and you will spend gas fees writing to the smart contract. Unless you HAVE to have the tokens right away I would just wait a few months and take them out as they unlock.

How to Check the Amount?

If you want to check the amount of tokens available for claim, you need to use this link:


  • Copy your wallet address provided for 1MIL token distribution.
  • Click “Unlockedamountof” of and paste your wallet address.

This operation is FREE and just checks the wallet against how much overall is to be unlocked!

1MIL token Staking for BSC network!

On June 18, we’ve started a staking campaign in partnership with Rage Fun!

It was done only for ERC-20 tokens, and you asked to add an opportunity to stake 1MIL in BSC network. And now it’s done!

Here is the link — https://nftstake.rage.fan/Binance/1MIL

The instructions are the same as for Ethereum network, but you need to switch your Metamask to BSC network.

Thanks and have a good day!

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1 Million NFTs

What if you can become owners of the internet instead of just its users?

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