Stake 1MIL and Get NFT rewards!

Get rewards!

  1. Enter
  2. Stake $1MIL (ERC-20)
  3. Accumulate required points
  4. Redeem NFTs using those points.
  5. Earn reward in $1MIL and $RAGE if the team you choose wins the match.


  • Max $1MIL Staked per wallet: 1000 1MIL
  • Points per $1MIL staked: 10 per day staked
  • Flexi Staking — as name suggests will give the users the provision to unstake $1MIL at any moment. Points are acquired for every second you remain staked.
  • Instant Rewards — is based on Fixed Staking and the users get all the points upfront. However, the token remains locked for the selected duration of time.

Special NFT contest

  1. Collect 5 Euro NFTs before July 10th and become eligible for a rare edition of NFT «insert image»
  2. 1 lucky winner will be chosen on July 15th
  3. Holder of this NFT will be eligible for 10000 $Rage and 100 $1MIL reward.

About Rage.Fan

About 1MillionNFTs



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1 Million NFTs

1 Million NFTs

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