$1,000,000 Giveaway is LIVE! Join Now and Win Big!

1 Million NFTs
3 min readMay 23, 2023

Greetings, our dear 1 MIL fam! The biggest community giveaway is on, with $1,000,000 in 1 MLN tokens up for grabs. With the ongoing discount sale spree, now is the time to acquire as many 1 MLN tokens as possible to acquire a vast zone on the grid.

Users will benefit from endless utilities in the 10,000 by 10,000 pixels grid regardless of their zone sizes. You can become a real estate mogul like VN Artists DAO, whose artists plan to build fancy studios on the board.

Other industry-leading players have joined us to stake their place in NFT history, including Nearity, Myriad.social, and NEAR Vietnam Hub and many others. Follow our official Twitter page to stay updated as new partnerships unfold.

That aside, here is how to participate in the giveaway of the century:

Step 1: Purchase a Pixel on the Grid

There are endless pixels to choose from in the boards presented here. The ticket to participating in the giveaway is acquiring any of these pixels. You can check out this guide and learn how to connect your Web3 wallet and reserve zones before completing a purchase.

Step 2: Participate in the Random Draw

Our development team implemented a smart-contract that randomly chooses 1 pixel once every day in any zones on any boards to determine the winner. So, for instance, if the randomizer chooses pixel #678 on BNB chain board, and you own this spot, you’ll become the automatic winner.

Step 3: Get Your Tokens If Lucky

The winners get 10,000 1MLN tokens.

How the payout works:

  • Our smart contract automatically gets allocation to the winner of the day;
  • The vesting is linear and lasts 90 days, which means that winner gets his 1MLN tokens every day (same amount every day) during the next 90 days after he wins;
  • You are welcome to claim your tokens every day or at the end of the vesting period.

We are 100% honest and transparent with the community so that every user can check the results and winners of every week here.

1 MillionNFTs Board is More Than a Colorful World

The more 1 MIL tokens you have, the larger the zones you can acquire on the grid. While most users are inspired by the creative aspect of our NEAR board, which allows you to customize your zone with pictures and paint, the benefits of 1 Million NFTs extend to:

  • Monetary value: You can resell your zone on the grid for other tokens or digital currencies, which can be converted to fiat. Alternatively, you can generate passive income by leasing or renting the space to commercial users, such as advertising agencies.
  • Rich audience exchange: we are a multi-chain platform — acquiring a zone gives you a lifetime ticket pass to the bigger 1 MillionNFTs community that includes like-minded projects, investors, and corporate institutions. You can leverage this opportunity to discover new projects and connect with other NFT enthusiasts across the world.
  • A true crypto experience: 1 MillionNFTs offers 100% crypto value under the NEAR protocol. NEAR blockchain offers a superior user experience with negligible gas fees and lightning transaction speeds. This allows you to trade your zone and acquire as many times as you want.

Join the 1 MillionNFTs Board Today

Acquire any zone on the 1MillionNFTs board and stand a chance to win 10,000 1MLN tokens every day! The bigger the zone you acquire, the higher the chances of the randomizer selecting your pixel.



1 Million NFTs

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