Guide: How To Buy a Pixel Space on NEAR Board

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3 min readApr 12, 2023

The new 1MillionNFTs board is already available on the website and this is a really important event for us. The diligent development, hours of testing, weeks of preparation, and efforts of the team at every stage have paid off, as the new NEAR board is now available to our community.

We make sure that interaction with our platform is as easy as possible for you. That is why we have prepared a detailed guide on how to buy pixel space on the NEAR board.

Steps to Your Own Pixel Space

We have created a seamless onboarding process that allows any level of user to be part of the 1MIL NFT board and experience the full benefits of a real crypto community. You’ll need to acquire 1MIL tokens on before purchasing a zone on the grid. This is because all the zones are priced in 1MIL.

After acquiring your 1MIL token, visit and complete the following steps:

  • Connect your Web3 wallet to the system. Go to the main page and connect your NEAR Wallet.
  • Launch the marketplace and pick a zone that you wish to buy a pixel from among the 5 highlighted areas
  • Zoom in the area and select the number of pixels you want to buy
  • Purchase immediately or reserve the pixels for 30 mins by clicking on Buy First Pixel Block
  • Authorize the 1MIL transaction plus the gas fee in your Web3 wallet
  • Stay on the page even if you see a preloader. Your purchase is complete if the confirmation window pops up
  • Then go to Editor and recolor your pixels as you want. To confirm changes you need to approve the transaction.
  • And that’s it! You’ve just staked out a new place in NFT history!

Let’s Try By Yourself

Check out the guide and start implementing all these steps yourself. Choose the sunniest place on the board before other users buy it.

Stake out your pixel contribution to the history of the NFT today. And stay in touch on our social media channels.



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