1 Million NFTs

Apr 6, 2021

3 min read

What if the World Has Changed.. Again?

Do you remember?

Unfair or Outdated?

  • 2005 (1milliondollarhomepage) — a website that was down for at least a week due to DDoS attacks was just a big advertising block in 99% of cases. The pixels were sold just once, so the only person who earned with 1milliondollarhomepage was the creator of 1milliondollarhomepage. Just raising money… Boring!
  • 2017 (Reddit’s “Place”) — No money at all, just fun, social experiments.. and new users for Reddit! “Just fun” isn’t a long-term strategy, which is why it was finished in 72 hours. People need better motivation to continue the game.

What if the World has Changed?