Reasons to HODL

Today is a BIG DAY for 1MillionNFTs team, partners and community! Triple IDO will take place today on April 24th at Poolz, YellowRoad and A2DAO.

The latest information on Whitelists and How to Participate here:

Huge Update

In our previous post “Important Notice” we informed our partners and community about a huge update in our tokenomics, here are the key points.

More details in the original post.

ATTENTION: Use only correct addresses for 1MIL tokens:

Reasons to HODL for Partners

First, let us explain how it will work. And then we’ll talk about the reasons to HODL.

For example:

1MIL token = 1 NFT token + paint it once


So he has a Dilemma and only 24 hours from Platform launch to make a decision:

So the MAIN REASON TO HODL for Partners — for NOT LOSING their PRIOR RIGHT to STAKE OUT their place in NFT History.

Reasons to HODL for Community

The first reason is the same — you can STAKE OUT your place in NFT History, but here is one more to go.

BUT YOU CAN HODL them and then SWAP to NFT token on the platform Launch

1 NFT token will farm 1 1MIL token per year

So don’t miss you chance to STAKE YOUR PLACE in NFT History.. and earn some.

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