Post-release Updates: 1MillionNFTs Plans and Prospects

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2 min readSep 7, 2021

Hello, community🔥!

Today, the 1MillionNFTs team would like to share the results of the release and some new plans. We are going to significantly optimize the process of working with both our platform and our token.

The insights we gained from the release

September 3 was a very busy time for us. The news of the release was picked up by many opinion leaders, and the project had a bombshell effect.

The feedback from the community and our own testing phase helped us make these improvements to the project:

01. Fixed an issue with reserving. Sometimes different users were allowed to reserve the same areas on a pixel grid.

02. Achieved correct uploading of images, which are used as NFT metadata.

03. Correctly displayed a modular error window when a transaction to buy or minting NFT did not pass.

04. Added support for Metamask on Ledger hardware wallets.

05. Added a check stage to see if the wallet has the required amount of 1MIL to complete the transaction.

06. Fixed an issue with authorization and/or signing with Metamask for some users

07. Fixed display of meta-data for already taken NFTs

08. Minimized the number of required confirmations during transactions, which reduced the number of commission payments on the Ethereum network

09. Implemented the highlighting of already occupied zones (NFT) on the main page.

10. Fixed the problem of resetting the currently selected scale when switching between viewing information about different NFTs.

11. Improved the mobile version. For now, it is still not perfect, and in the near future, it will be optimized even better, so that you can perform all the operations from your mobile device.

We’ve also added a bot to the Telegram group which reports on NFTs sold on the grid.

More interesting changes are waiting for you very soon, which concern the farming of 1MIL. We will tell you about it in more detail the other day.

Stay tuned!



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