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1 Million NFTs
3 min readAug 12, 2021


Hello, beloved community! Yesterday, we kept silent and worked on the last (we hope!) edits to the platform’s usability.

But today we prepared some useful information about our NFTs and their potential.

How NFT works at 1MillionNFTs

Just to remind you, each pixel [UPDATE: each plot of 10x10 pixels] you purchase gets an NFT certificate. Each time you buy unoccupied slots on the grid, the system automatically generates an NFT for each of the pixels. That is, by buying a minimum of 10 by 10 area, you get 100 NFTs of the ERC-721 standard. After your NFTs are minted, you can recolor the pixels and assign any link you want to your area of the grid.

Very soon, our platform will open a marketplace for trading NFTs. But no one stops you from selling them anywhere else, for example on Opensea or Rarible. Any marketplace that allows placing NFTs will do ;)

If other buyers are interested in your zone or its section, they can only occupy it after offering you a better price in the Marketplace section (and if you agree, of course). Right now, at the start, one NFT on our grid will cost you between 1 and 5MIL, and some gas. That’s much lower than on the market.

What is the value of the NFT?

The impact of cryptocurrency on the global community is increasing day by day. Every time the market dips a bit, some couch expert says, “It’s a crash! Cryptocurrency will collapse and become worthless.”

But life goes on. And we all know what bitcoin was at the start and what it is now.

The number of coins is limited, and so the value is constantly increasing, and the threshold for entering the niche is getting higher and higher.

This works with NFT as well: you can no longer go back in time and be first, but you can jump on that train until it’s not too late.

Although now ERC-721 tokens are cutting edge, there are still a lot of them. But don’t be fooled: this digital asset will soon become deficient.

This increases its value. This means that buying space on our grid while it is still affordable could become the new bitcoin experience.

In other words, why should you buy 100 pixels from 1MillionNFTs instead of purchasing a piece of bitcoin?

The answer is simple: liquidity and diversification.

A short conclusion

Many of you have probably heard about the big NFT deals of the last couple of years. For example, 0x650d recently acquired 104 CryptoPunks for $7 million. This is an important sign of market growth and that now is a good time to expand your assets with NFT.

Stay tuned, very soon we will open access to 1MillionNFTs at floor price with pixel values ranging from 1 to 5MIL.

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1 Million NFTs

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