New changes and challenges of 1MillionNFT

Hi, community!

A lot of people have been wondering where we’ve been the last couple of days. As usual, we’re back to you with some interesting updates and news.

During the final testing of the product, we noticed that some features made it difficult to interact with.

We thought long and hard about how to improve the product and came to the need to make a few significant changes.

Increasing the value of the NFT

In this case, even the minimum size of 10 by 10 pixels (100 NFTs) required several transactions and quite a lot of gas.

Now things are a little different.

We still have 1 million NFTs, but the value of each NFT increases dramatically. Now 1 NFT equals a 10x10 pixel field, making it easier for users to buy any area they like.

More space for your creativity

At the same time, the general concept of 1 million NFTs per field is preserved, because 1 NFT equals a space of 10 by 10 pixels [UPDATE: 100 pixels at all].

A little of backend

It’s even easier to enter the project

New Editor Features

Previously, in edit mode, you could only upload a picture and add a link.

The number and content of the fields are still “under construction”, but we decided to definitely add such data as title and description, which you can assign to your NFTs.

Perhaps in addition to single editing, we will add mass editing, which will be convenient for designing the areas that are close to each other.

The final number of fields will depend on the amount of gas to spend. Anyway, we will choose the best solution for the user.


User experience and comfort are more important to us than a quick release, so we’re willing to wait a few more days before launching. Just to make our community feel comfortable.

Let’s create a piece of art together!

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