Meme Contest results from 1MillionNFTs are here 🎉

Hello, beloved 1Millers community🖤!

It’s time to sum up the results of our Meme Contest and to choose the best of the best. Honestly, it was quite a challenge, because there were a lot of bright and creative works.

We will certainly post a few honorable mentions in our Telegram, stay tuned.

In the meantime, here are our 10 winners:


@tasyaharley drew a beautiful meme, and that’s what gets first place. The author called it: “All Star From $1MIL”:


The second place took @MozimRog and his drawn “1MIL will catch them all” meme:


We couldn’t help but give one of the top spots to this work. @uconn7878 prepared a 30-second video.


@MemelordEth , thanks for the space vibe.


@Hari72555353 , you’re 5th. We certainly like the idea of 1MIL as a Kaiju of the crypto market.


@Napro4V , we couldn’t get past the Rick and Morty meme. You’re in 6th place!


@DipinGarg10, thanks for the sophisticated trolling of Reddit’s Place ;).


@misha089 , family is the key. Soundtrack: Don Omar feat. Tego Calderon — Bandoleros.


In 9th place is a quite motivating meme from @Kichu96272611 .


And at the end of our top ten is @AnatoliyKontar and his meme with a cat. Because what’s a meme contest without a single kitty?

To get your NFTs, send a private message to our Telegram chat administrator. You will receive your NFTs within 2–4 days.

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What if you can become owners of the internet instead of just its users?

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1 Million NFTs

1 Million NFTs

What if you can become owners of the internet instead of just its users?

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