ARTICLE Contest!

Terms and Timing

  1. Write an Article about 1MillionNFT (It should be a project review with your vision of how it can grow further.)
  2. Publish it in your Medium or any other Blog platform
  3. Post the link to your Article in your Twitter with mentioning @1MillionNFT and hashtags #1MIL #1MillionNFTs #1MILARTICLE
  4. 3. Subscribe to our Twitter
  5. 4. Join our TG ANN channel and TG Group
  6. 5. Fill in the Google form


  • 1st place — $1000 in 1MIL
  • 2nd place — $500 in 1MIL
  • 3rd place — $300 in 1MIL
  • 4th place — $200 in 1MIL
  • 5–10 place— $100 in 1MIL each
  • 11–18 place — $50 in 1MIL each

Don’t miss your chance to STAKE OUT your PLACE in NFT History!



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1 Million NFTs

1 Million NFTs

What if you can become owners of the internet instead of just its users?