1MillionNFTs: our roadmap and values

Hey, guys!

You’ve probably noticed that the project is growing very actively. Every day it changes, grows, and becomes larger.

As a result, many began to notice something new for themselves in the roadmap of the project and see a new vector of movement there.

So we decided to talk about it in more detail.

New chains and new boards

There will be three boards for now, but how many there will be in the future remains a huge question.

Why so?

That’s what our slogan sounds like.

And what about the value?

We don’t dilute the value of NFT, and there are several reasons for that.

The first reason is obvious: the networks are completely different, and boards in individual networks are created purely for certain communities and NFT-marketplaces [for example, Binance NFT for the recently announced BSC].

The second reason is the different cost of gas and minting in each of the networks. Commissions and the price of NFTs are different in various networks.

In Ethereum, these fees are much higher. This narrows the audience and makes holders of such NFTs… exclusive.

But other networks have their own advantages. For example, you can place larger zones and purchase them more actively. In Ethereum, for example, you can choose a smaller but more valuable part of the grid. It gives you more investment potential.

Everyone chooses what they prefer. You have absolute freedom of choice, and we try to give you the most possibilities. Not just a red and blue pill, you know ;)

That’s why the value of the project doesn’t decrease when we add more boards. On the contrary, users have a chance to choose which network to work on.

Another reason why the value of the project will only grow is the limited number of 1MIL tokens.

And as new boards are added, the number of tokens does not increase.

Our plan is to mint new 1MIL tokens for each of the blockchain networks. The tokens will be locked through bridges and used for liquidity pools on different chains.

For example, for BSC, we’ve tokenized 1MIL through Allbridge. For NEAR, it works through Rainbow Bridge.

The rule for burning tokens is the same on every network. No exceptions.

And even more extra features

Btw, feel free to share which wallets you would like to add to this list.

Conclusion :)

What if you can become owners of the internet instead of just its users?