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1 Million NFTs
2 min readAug 4, 2021

Hey guys! 👾

We finally came out of an incredible non-stop around the project.

Today we’re going to tell you a bit more about what’s going on behind the scenes and what plans do we have for the nearest future.

The product is in the pre-release and QA phase, and we have been testing every interaction between the user and the system nearly without interruption for the last few weeks. Our challenge is to make the pixel grid as comfortable as possible for you to work with, and ensure that all the steps are intuitive to follow. Moreover, the product is designed without a backend, it is pure blockchain.

One of these days we will show you how the interface looks like and share the challenges and specifics of the project. (Spoiler alert: there were enough fails and fuckups already eliminated step by step: some of them faster, some of them longer and more painful).

So, what’s coming up soon?

— Lots of announcements and hot news on the project;
— Interface and system reviews;
— Backstage and in-house story of 1MillionNFTs creation;
— More opportunities and interesting offers for our community.

Stay tuned — it’s going to be damn hot! 💫

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1 Million NFTs

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