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2 min readApr 6, 2023


Hello, our dear 1MIL Fam! We are so happy to be moving out of the development period and into the real building period. Despite external factors beyond our control, we are not giving up. After all, we believe that after the sun goes down, there is always a dawn. That is why a new 1MillionNFTs board will be released very soon, where you can choose the sunniest pixel places. In the meantime, we have prepared something really hot for you — Token Sale On BocaChica!

What is 1MIL Token Sale?

Dear 1MIL Fam, you have been with us through many stages of the project’s development, and we appreciate it. We have one more stage ahead of us — an important, technological, and completely new one. A new native board on the NEAR blockchain. That is why the $1MIL token is an important component of this stage. So that you can have $1MIL tokens without restrictions and bridging, 1MIL token is available on the NEAR blockchain and can be purchased on NEAR exchanges. But first of all, there will be a big 1MIL Token Sale.

The 1MIL Token Sale will be held on BocaChica. During this Sale, you will be able to buy tokens at a price that you will not find on any exchange — -50% of the current token price.

You buy tokens for $100 and get a 50% discount, which means that your number of tokens doubles. That is, for the same amount without a discount, you would receive x1 number of tokens, and with a discount, you would receive x2 tokens for the same amount. If you want to purchase tokens for any other amount, the tokens will be distributed to you in proportion to the $ amount.

During the month, tokens will be unlocked linearly. And the option to claim tokens will be available within 48 hours after the end of the Sale.

Follow the link to participate in the 1MIL Token Sale now: https://mars.bocachica.io/

What is next

1MIL Token Sale is just the beginning of our journey on the NEAR blockchain. Next, you will find the NEAR pixel board and farming opportunities. That is why follow the news and don’t miss the announcements of farming pools with a really motivating APY.

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