1MIL New Positioning, Values, and Benefits

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4 min readMar 20, 2023


Hello, community; it’s nice speaking to you again. We have embarked on a journey that brings the NFT experience to regular users who want concrete use cases beyond what excites the industry currently. 1 MillionNFTs (1 MIL) is a game-changer, inviting users to explore their creativity beyond imagined intuition on an expansive 10,000 by 10,000-pixel grid.

Users can acquire any zone on the grid and mint it as an NFT with the ERC-721 standard. This means you can later trade the NFT in any mainstream marketplace because it follows a widely recognized industry standard. Additionally, acquiring a zone comes with 100% ownership, meaning you can add colors, pictures, patterns, or even digital signatures to customize the space as much as you want. Learn more about how the 1MIL NFT board works here.

Today, we want to discuss our new positioning, values, and benefits — attributes that complement our goal of building a strong true community that shares Web3 principles. Here is the new 1 MillionNFTs outlook.

We Have a New Positioning

As a platform that aims to see Web3 break further into the mainstream in 2023 and beyond, 1MIL NFT will focus on building a strong, 100% crypto community. Among the common Web3 ethos that this community will share include decentralization, an essential component of Web3 that ushers in a new dawn of transparency, inclusivity, and participation.

In that spirit, we invite everyone to join the community by acquiring their own pixel in the grid. Look at the pixel as an NFT pass to unlock your space in this vibrant community and exchange ideas about Web3 innovation, adoption, and governance. Through this positive synergy, the concept of decentralization will rise above and spread beyond its main bottleneck — user awareness and participation.

1MillionNFTs project provides an easier and user-friendly route for newbies who are getting into NFTs for the first time. The process of buying a space in the grid, minting an NFT, and customizing it isn’t only seamless but also fun. The fun and opportunities that 1MIL NFT opens for you are endless, whether you’re a creator, digital assets collector, or simply an everyday user who is enthusiastic about non-fungible tokens.

Values and Benefits

1MIL NFT is not only a creative project but an investment as well, both socially and economically. While users can hardly predict how their pixel NFTs will look and what will surround the place in the coming days, we have strong values and benefits that bond us together as a community. At 1 MillionNFTs, we believe and endear the project to the following:

A True Web3 Community

We are a true Web3 community with common ownership in the 10,000 by 10,000-pixel grid. This community has a great potential to scale in terms of reputation and total value when users resell their pixels or the 1MIL token appreciates.

On top of that, the community will interact on various channels to share the latest cryptocurrency news, build positive synergies, and seize strategic opportunities when they arise. We are among the pioneering Web3 projects in the industry that solely focuses on building a strong community to drive the decentralization idea.

Audience Exchange Between Projects

As a platform that focuses on adding more value to the underlying community, we have taken a cross-marketing approach to connect with like-minded projects, people, investors, and even corporate institutions. This approach enables us to build a rich audience for exchange programs, given that 1MIL NFT is a multi-chain platform.

Users can leverage this feature to discover other NFT projects with concrete use cases and even invite friends from different communities to color the 1 MillionNFTs board.

100% Crypto

Pixel NFTs minted on the 1MIL NFT board have 100% crypto value and can be traded on other crypto platforms for other digital currencies. For art aficionados, you would want to collect your pixel NFT and watch as the value grows. Moreover, this guarantees your membership on the 1 MIL NFT board at all times.

We Would Love to See You Aboard

Our spaceship is leaving the dock soon with full membership. Seize this rare opportunity and reserve your membership on the 1 MillionNFTs board by acquiring a pixel in the grid. Remember, the closer your pixel is to the center of the grid, the higher the value of the NFT. Follow our social channels to stay updated on the latest news about 1MIL NFT.



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