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1 Million NFTs
2 min readJul 14, 2023


Is there a downtrend in NFT adoption? Well, YES and NO. First, the industry registered a downfall of 83% in sales year over year in 2022. Reason? Most projects hinge on unrealistic or infeasible use cases to attract users.

But looking at it from a different lens, NFTs are here to stay. A trusted report by Chainalysis and the Financial Times estimates that around 360,000 users currently hold $2.7 million in NFTs. Additionally, around 250,000 users trade on NFTs on mainstream marketplaces every month.

I MillionNFTs joins the NFT spaceship at the right time, giving you an opportunity to be part of a project that offers concrete, real-life use cases. The 1 MIL NFT board features an expansive 10,000 by 10,000-pixel grid that represents the creativity of our community. You can acquire any zone on the grid and customize it with colors, pictures, numbers, patterns, or even a unique digital signature. In other words, we don’t limit your creative intuition!

We Are a Real Crypto Community

1MillionNFTs is a true, 100% crypto community, right from the platform to the principles and beliefs that guide the project. The platform runs on Ethereum, and all pixel NFTs minted on the board follow the ERC-721 standard. An NFT standard that is widely accepted in the industry means that the underlying collectible will only accumulate a higher value over time.

There are 1 million pixel NFTs waiting for you on the 1MIL NFT board — enough pieces for all like-minded people to come on board and share positive crypto synergies. Our primary aim is to unite projects and communities. This is a win-win vision for all 1MIL NFT users because projects will eventually engage a new audience to grow their user base. At the same time, everyday NFT collectors will discover new projects.

Join the 1 MillionNFTs Board Today

Join the 1MIL NFT board today and become a visionary because you’re an early adopter. The beauty of this board is that it’s both a creative project and an investment with immense intrinsic value and communal ownership.

We are still early, and you can reserve a pixel NFT that has additional value than its marketplace in the days to come. In addition, the board’s future is artistic, and no one knows how exactly their zones will look in 5 or 10 years to come. Follow our social channels to stay connected with new updates about 1 MillionNFTs.

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1 Million NFTs

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