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Community strength at both project and industry levels is critical for the whole crypto and NFTs concept to go mainstream. Enter 1 MillionNFTs (1 MIL), an all-in crypto community for projects, enthusiasts, and creators who share like-minded Web3 principles and ethos. Running on the Ethereum blockchain, 1 MIL NFTs follow the ERC-721 standard, a predominantly used fundamental framework for non-fungible tokens across the industry.

This project stands out because it’s both a creative platform and an intrinsic investment that derives value from unpredictable artistic results. Inside the 10,000 by 10,000-pixel grid are 1 Million NFTs, giving the entire community enough space to explore its rebellious creativity with colors, images, shapes, or anything else that crosses your creative intuition. And being a platform with multi-chain capabilities, 1 MIL NFTs is brewing a new, diverse audience that will create, share, and discover NFT projects across all mainstream chains.

Here is a detailed overview of the 1 MIL board utility and how it works.

How the Board Works

1 MillionNFTs is on a mission to create an all-in crypto experience on an intuitive platform where industry enthusiasts from all walks of life can converge to share content and exchange ideas. We have introduced an NFT board that is large enough to accommodate a vibrant community and well-curated to deliver an incredible experience.

As mentioned before, the NFT board features a 10,000 by 10,000-pixel grid divided into five zones. The zones are curved from the edge to the center, giving the pixels different price values. The prices of the pixels increase as you draw closer to the center from the edge. What this means is that a pixel NFT that is closer to the center will cost more than the one in the furthest zone, close to the edge. For example, the NFTs in the first zone, which is the furthest from the center, have a price value of 1 1MIL, while those in the innermost zone cost 5 1MIL.

1MIL is the project’s native token that allows users to buy NFTs in the grid and edit them. Users need at least 1 1MIL for in-platform activities, where 50% of the coins will be burned to reduce their total number. The goal is to create scarcity of the coins and tighten the threshold for joining the niche so that 1MIL continues to gain more value over time.

Getting Started with the 1 MillionNFTs Board

There is no better time to join the 1 MillionNFTs community than now, especially with the realization that all items on the project will accumulate value over time, including the native token. To make the board accessible to all levels of users, we have devised a seamless NFT experience that includes the following three easy steps:

Buy and Reserve NFTs

The 1 MillionNFTs journey begins with a purchase. You can acquire any amount of NFTs at this stage in the 1,000,000-piece collection. However, the minimum you can acquire is 1 NFT since the tokens are not fractionalized. Each pixel comes with a reference link and an NFT certificate.

Edit and Recolor

After that, you can customize your NFT space as much as you want by editing, recoloring, or adding unique images. If you’ve purchased the pixel from another user, you can change the information by adding a new description or title. Later in the roadmap, our team will add more editing and customizing features so that you can expand your creativity to unimagined horizons.

Be Part of an Exclusive Network

The amount of 1MIL, the token that users need to perform activities on the board, is highly limited, making this an exclusive project with an entry chance that is getting slimmer daily. So unless you want to buy the NFTs in a secondary marketplace at a higher price, now makes the opportune time to join us.


Like any other visionary NFT project, 1 MillionNFTs have limitless potential, depending on how you want to utilize your space. From a commercial standpoint, you get a public space that can be leased or rented to organizations or other individuals for advertisement. You can also monetize your NFTs in our upcoming marketplace or other secondary platforms by selling them to other users.

On top of these commercial benefits, your 1MIL NFT allows you to unlock a true crypto community that shares the strong ethos of Web3, such as decentralization. In the community, you’ll have access to the latest news, positive crypto synergies, and even once-in-a-lifetime partnership opportunities with other members.

Are You Ready to Join the 1 MIL NFT Board?

With many NFT products proliferating in the industry, getting a project that embodies your beliefs, taste, and expectations can be daunting. At 1 MillionNFTs, we allow users to take charge of the narrative of their NFT experience. Once you acquire a grid on the board, it’s all yours, and you can customize it as much as you want or leave it blank altogether — whatever you deem fit. In the meantime, follow our social channels to stay updated as we roll out more news and updates.

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